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[npln_003] Tomás Gris__ nothing but snack

[npln_003] Tomás Gris __ nothing but snack 27´49´´ Tomás Gris: damaged electronics, sinewaves, cassette. Recorded live and improvised in Prague, Czech Republic. 2013. art cover: Tomás Gris * optimal listening: silence space, headphones (volume 70-80%) NOPLYN RECORDS [npln_003] .2013.

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CRITICÓN DUO: Petr Vrba & Tomás Gris

The first performance of CRITICON, the new free improvised duo of Petr Vrba and Tomas Gris……..guest of: ANTEZ…… Sunday 28, april, 2013. MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic… ANTEZ: CONTINUUMS And soon, a reference of CRITICON in NOPLYN….

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Desconocida Raíz Común “A quo”

Now, you can download our second reference. Giorgio Nono and Tomás Gris duo. An experience of raw free improvisation for prepared guitar and damaged electronics. [npln_002] Desconocida Raíz Común_A quo

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